“Dear Mr. Le Bon…” – crowdfunding campaign

A few years ago, a couple of pensioners from Bournemouth – home of the mighty prog band Big Big Train – embarked on an unusual hobby.  They began to write to musicians, questioning their song lyrics.  It all began in 2008, when Wilf Turnbull and Derek Philpott decided to write to Simon Le Bon, stating that other animals besides wolves experienced hunger and it was perhaps wrong for Duran Duran to single out our lupine chums.

The whole thing snowballed.  Soon, their project became a fully functioning website, with replies from Gary Numan, Toyah Willcox, Steve Dawson (ex-Saxon), Billy Bragg and many, many others.

Derek & Wilf need your help.
They’d like to take the many highlights from their website and publish them in book form.

To achieve their ultimate goal, a Kickstarter campaign has been set up.
You can read more about “Dear Mr. Le Bon: A Pensioner Writes” at the link below.


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