Scott JanovitzScott Janovitz will be familiar to some retro-pop aficionados as the mastermind behind The Russians – the mysterious indie/power pop band who left us a sole full length album ‘Crashing The Party’ in 2011.  Although a rather melancholy listen in some places, it’s collection of songs were very well crafted, with sounds borrowing from the sixties, eighties and nineties in almost equal measure.  The years passed, but nothing more materialised from either Janovitz or The Russians, leading some listeners to wonder what could have been…

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The-Great-AffairsFollowing their third release ‘Happy Ender’ in 2011, US roots rockers seemed set to call time on their career, with frontman Denny Smith moving on to other projects.  Luckily, they had a change of heart and following a shift of line up, 2013’s ‘4’ was arguably the best of their career to date.

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Blondie 180g vinyls to be released in May

In 2014, the original run of six Blondie albums was re-released as an expensive box set.

There’s good news for those who just couldn’t afford that £80+ price tag. The six releases are to be made available separately in May. The albums from ‘Blondie’ (1976) to overlooked swansong ‘The Hunter’ (1982) will be re-released by vinyl specialists Back To Black in the UK on May 4th.

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