THE GREAT 70s PROJECT: 1970/71 Revisited

Between May and July 2017, Real Gone embarked on an ambitious audio project.   A huge library of streaming audio, ‘The Great 70s Project’ became one of the year’s most popular features.

The plan was to delve deep into the decade’s music, but dig much deeper than revisiting the hits.  We hoped that by presenting the hits alongside some fabulous album cuts and neglected b-sides, our look at the decade would create new favourites and also encourage listens to long neglected albums.

In that respect, it was a huge success.  However, as the year wore on and our ongoing, obsessive journey of musical discovery unearthed even more gems – sometimes found with the keen ears of our social media friends – the earlier years of the project felt a little light.

In two re-constructed playlists, we’d like to invite you to re-visit the sounds of 1970 and 1971.  Both playlists are now radically different from those shared last May.  Even more cult 70s gold is ready to be discovered via added contributions from Kate Taylor (sister of million-selling singer-songwriter James), actress turned musician Catherine Howe, Graham Bond, Rodriguez, Al Stewart, Keef Hartley, The Crusaders, Janis Ian and far more besides.

The newly curated versions of these playlists contain over a hundred tracks that weren’t previously featured, including a few that have gone on to become favourites over the intervening year.

Grab yourself a cuppa, press play, sit back and enjoy.
The seventies never sounded better.
…And if you discover something new, why not drop us a line and tell us?  We always love hearing from other playlist dippers and crate diggers!