Tour dates from As The Crow Flies, a new band featuring ex-Black Crowes man Chris Robinson

Not content with only fronting the Chris Robinson Brotherhood – an excellent jam band bringing the spaciousness of Grateful Dead to other retro styles – Chris Robinson, the one-time Black Crowes frontman – has formed a new band, As The Crow Flies.  The main reason for this?  He’s got a great catalogue of songs that deserve live performances; much loved songs that wouldn’t necessarily fit the Brotherhood ethos.

What’s more, there’s a string of US live dates scheduled for April and May.

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Dance and Sing In Celebration: Led Zeppelin Covered

In early 2014, the announcement finally came that the Led Zeppelin catalogue was to be reissued with bonus material, with the first three albums potentially appearing before the summer.  Prior to this exciting announcement, the only extra material Zeppelin fans had seen officially includes a couple of extra tracks on two box sets, a couple of live recordings and a few extra tracks inserted into the running order of the band’s live opus ‘The Song Remains The Same’.  Meanwhile, almost every other major rock artist saw their catalogues reissued with bonus materials galore, and in some cases – The Who and Hendrix, especially – several times over.  Having been denied this treatment for so long, the idea of the entire Zeppelin catalogue being overhauled and awarded bonus discs of unreleased material provided much cause for celebration.

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