NOVACROW – Criminal Mastermind EP

In 2016, Liverpool’s Novacrow released their debut EP ‘Black Syrup’, a melting pot of goth, grunge and funk with horror overtones that really captured a great sound. The riffs were often weighty, but most impressive of all were the vocals. It was immediately obvious that Kitty S. possessed a voice that really stood out above the heaviness; her clean vocal style made everything incredibly accessible and melodic, no matter how deep or intensive the riffs. Throughout the release, she sounded like a star in the making.

The following year came and went and things seemed to go rather quiet in the Novacrow camp. Finally, after what felt like forever, they returned with five new songs in the autumn of 2018. The resultant EP, ‘Criminal Mastermind’ isn’t as consistent as its predecessor and takes longer to get into, but when it really hits the mark, it presents a Novacrow that sounds as good as ever.

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NOVACROW – Black Syrup EP

novacrow epThe love child of Black Moth, Kenny Hickey and Godsmack, Liverpool-based Novacrow make some impressive noises on their debut EP. A combination of gothy image, horror schlock and post grungey, stoner-ish riffs come together in fine form. With guitarist Jonyx knowing that a riff can often hit the mark – especially if winning over a live crowd – he firmly leads the way and exploits some enormous grooves on four of these five songs, while front woman Kitty S. compliments the heavy sounds with a full-bodied vocal performance that’s accessible and clean, while still retaining a sense of attitude to match the riffs.

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