RUM THIEF – Time To Make A Move EP

In the summer of 2015, singer-songwriter Jot Green (aka Rum Thief) released ‘Reach For The Weather Man‘, an EP of hard jangling tunes coupled with social commentary and an unavoidable sense of Englishness. Like a northern Frank Turner, an underground Alex Turner or perhaps a Mike Skinner with actual tunes and talent, he showed a strong ability to couple grass roots messages with a gruff but fairly timeless indie-rock backdrop. A fair while passed and nothing more was heard. Had the Rum Thief been swallowed up by his day job, or even run out of things to tell the world? It would seem so.

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RUM THIEF – Reach For The Weatherman EP

rum thiefAlthough carrying a band name, much like Badly Drawn Boy, Rum Thief represents just one man. It’s the chosen moniker for singer-songwriter Jot Green, a Manchester-based multi-instrumentalist.  He served as drummer in many local bands for over a decade, but eventually decided to strike out on his own.  The first Rum Thief EP, ‘Clouded Mind’ attracted the attention of a few ears and Green set about forming a band for live shows.  A couple of years on, the return of Rum Thief finds the performer sounding much more assured.

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Lost Atlanta announce new single

Manchester-based post hardcore band Lost Atlanta have a new single ‘Into The Grey’ coming out on December 8th. The track features a guest guitar solo from Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson. According to the band, they are “currently writing a bunch of new songs [and] ready to hit the studio in the new year, to record a brand new EP.”

They also “plan to start branching out and playing new places around the UK“.

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New video from The Minx – ‘No Friends’

Earlier this summer, Mancunian alt-rock/pop-punk outfit The Minx shared their video clip for ‘Jesus and The Mary Chain’ (the full clip of which can still be watched here).

As promised, they’re back with a garish clip for that track’s A-side, ‘No Friends’, a bouncy tune worked around a meaty bassline and organ part recalling garage rock classic ’96 Tears’.   Watch the new clip below.

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The Minx: upcoming live shows and new video

Mancunian power-pop-punkers The Minx have a few shows upcoming over the rest of the summer, including an appearance at the Ramsbottom Festival. They also have a new single out (‘No Friends’), a video for which is in the pipeline.

In the meantime, you can watch a clip of the band performing their new b-side ‘Jesus & The Mary Chain’ below.

You can also read a review of their previous release ‘Hey! Mr. Warden’ here.

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