New video from The Minx – ‘No Friends’

Earlier this summer, Mancunian alt-rock/pop-punk outfit The Minx shared their video clip for ‘Jesus and The Mary Chain’ (the full clip of which can still be watched here).

As promised, they’re back with a garish clip for that track’s A-side, ‘No Friends’, a bouncy tune worked around a meaty bassline and organ part recalling garage rock classic ’96 Tears’.   Watch the new clip below.

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The Minx: upcoming live shows and new video

Mancunian power-pop-punkers The Minx have a few shows upcoming over the rest of the summer, including an appearance at the Ramsbottom Festival. They also have a new single out (‘No Friends’), a video for which is in the pipeline.

In the meantime, you can watch a clip of the band performing their new b-side ‘Jesus & The Mary Chain’ below.

You can also read a review of their previous release ‘Hey! Mr. Warden’ here.

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THE MINX – Hey! Mr. Warden EP

HEY! Mr WardenWith a distinctly northern approach to their sound and boundless levels of energy within their arrangements, a few may hear traces of early Arctic Monkeys within this debut EP from The Minx.  Far stronger than that, though, their love for Buzzcocks within the ranks of this Manchester based band shines through.  The music may possess slightly less of a punk edge than anything Shelley/Diggle recorded back in the late 70s – largely down to huge waves of Dave Greenfield/Clint Boon influenced keys – but the Buzzcocks’ lasting influence in the sheer energy and snotty vocal is unavoidable.  [Also, is the oddly placed exclaimation mark in the EP’s title a gentle homage to The Fall?]

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