Justin Kline returns with Dungeon of Skeletons

Those of you with long memories will remember Justin Kline.  The Nashville based singer songwriter built upon his cult following with an excellent power pop EP, ‘Triangle’, back in 2010.  By 2012, he’d reinvented himself in a rockier guise as frontman of the short-lived Weezer-esque Origami Hologram.

Justin seemed to be one of those people that showed a natural flair, regardless of whatever musical subgenre he approached, but following a release of home demos and a self-depreciating EP ‘Doormat’ in 2013, he seemed to disappear.

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justinklinedoormatJustin Kline’s first full length album ‘Cabin Fever Songs’ marked a departure from his earlier EPs, shifting from sun-filled power pop to introspective, mostly acoustic songs with a home recorded quality.  While the introspective songs undoubtedly helped exorcise a few demons, he received mixed reactions for the record.

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