Justin Kline returns with Dungeon of Skeletons

Those of you with long memories will remember Justin Kline.  The Nashville based singer songwriter built upon his cult following with an excellent power pop EP, ‘Triangle’, back in 2010.  By 2012, he’d reinvented himself in a rockier guise as frontman of the short-lived Weezer-esque Origami Hologram.

Justin seemed to be one of those people that showed a natural flair, regardless of whatever musical subgenre he approached, but following a release of home demos and a self-depreciating EP ‘Doormat’ in 2013, he seemed to disappear.

There’s finally some great news for fans of this great songwriter:  Justin is now back and recording as Dungeon of Skeletons!  The name may not suggest such, but DoS finds  Kline rediscovering his power pop roots.  Their debut track ‘Gonna Be Alright’ shows off a much more positive vibe than ‘Doormat’; it combines shimmering pop melodies and a great hook to create something reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne and the much missed Farrah.  It may only be one track and a quick insight into new musical ventures, but promises great things for power pop aficionados the world over.

Take a listen below.