THE SHIP-TONES – Indie Reggae Revolution

The-Ship-Tones-Indie-Reggae-RevolutionBringing together the disparate words of reggae and indie on their 2015 release ‘Indie Reggae Revolution’, Leeds ten piece collective The Ship-Tones bring the world some of the best mash-ups and re-imaginings since Mark Ronson dropped ‘Version’ to almost unanimous critical praise in 2007. Taking some classic sounding reggae sounds (mostly rooted in the 70s and 80s), the band rebuild a few familiar tunes from the ground up, with largely enjoyable results.

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The REAL GONE 2012 Advent Calendar

With all of the in-depth reviews and other stuff on Real Gone, since it’s nearly Christmas, it’s time for a bit of fun.

Every day between the 1st and 24th of December, a new link will be posted here containing a clip. It may music, maybe not; it may be a classic you’ve seen a thousand times, it may be something you’ve never seen…it may not even be an official clip.

It’s just a handy way of rounding up a few of Real Gone’s favourites in a quick and unoriginal fashion. After the calendar is completed on Christmas Eve, the links will stay up for those who missed out.

…Will Bruce Springsteen will be bellowing festively somewhere?

DEC 01 DEC 02 DEC 03 DEC 04 DEC 05 DEC 06 DEC 07 DEC 08
DEC 09 DEC 10 DEC 11 DEC 12 DEC 13 DEC 14 DEC 15 DEC 16
DEC 17 DEC 18 DEC 19 DEC 20 DEC 21 DEC 22 DEC 23 DEC 24