Hereafter’s debut EP ‘Fires of The Flame’ was one of those releases that showed promise. Right from the beginning, the material showed a great command of a riff, but a fairly terrible vocal often let the side down. Vocals can be make or break when it comes to a more extreme metal sound, and Hereafter’s fixation with semi spoken, semi growled lyrics often made the band seem like a strange novelty act. Nevertheless, the EP still offered a couple of tracks that sounded promising when heard in isolation – largely due to their abilities with a riff or three – and hinted at a band that could improve with time.

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HEREAFTER – Fires Of The Flame EP

Formed during the global pandemic, US metal band Hereafter is a side project for two members of Corners of Sanctuary. As with all good side projects, it marks something of a shift for the musicians involved. Despite still sticking within the metal realm, this project trades in Corners of Sanctuary’s high octane, traditional 80s sound for something slower, groove laden, and almost doomy in places.

The four piece band teams Corners’ Mick Michaels and Mad T (guitars and drums, respectively) with ex-Blood Feast vocalist Chris Natalini and Burned In Effigy bassist Robert Bigler to create a heavy sound that values a steady riff above all else. To ensure an even bigger shift from the members’ day jobs, the songs even employ a very stylised vocal to accentuate a lot of the music’s very rhythmic heart.

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