MELVINS – At The Stake: Atlantic Recordings 1993-1995

After Geffen Records scored an unexpected commercial and financial success with Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ album in 1991, other major labels began to scour the Seattle area, convinced that the city and its surrounding towns would result in a similar brand of ‘Teen Spirit’. By 1993, around the time that Seattle Fever had reached its peak, pretty much every band who’d been name checked by Kurt Cobain or other important figures had made the leap from indie cool to bigger things. Even supposed second division acts like Tad found themselves signed to major contracts. Looking back, it could be argued that a lot of these bands didn’t quite have the impact the labels had desired, but these major deals certainly elevated their profiles.

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Melvins drummer to release 12 sided vinyl

The Melvins have never done things by halves. They’re known for unexpected collaborations, albums that are almost audio art projects as much as conventional releases and highly prolific output.

Drummer Dale Crover’s next project is so insane, it makes the Melvins 8-track cartridge where no two copies were identical seem like a bankable affair. Introducing the twelve sided vinyl!

Full details and instructional video below.


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