MELVINS – Live At Hellfest 2011

Anyone who has ever seen the Melvins at any point will tell you they put on an amazing live show. Their sledgehammer sound is arguably at its most effective when delivered at full volume in front of an intense crowd, but the opportunity to watch drummer Dale Crover at work makes for a brilliant experience in itself.

There are some great Melvins shows circulating, but few reach the absolute insanity of this set from Hellfest in France. Promoting the excellent ‘Bride Screamed Murder’ album, this is the ultimate document of the “two drummers” period, even adapting older songs perfectly for that extra rhythmic force.

Right from the opening couplet of ‘Hung Bunny’ and ‘Roman Bird Dog’ – looking back to ‘Lysol’, the quartet are in superb musical shape. The then new material like ‘Water Glass’sits surprisingly comfortably with old classics like ‘Hooch’, whilst brilliant tracks from ‘Stoner Witch’ sound even better with the double drum arrangements.

Check out the whole set below. Turn down the lights and crank up the volume. [Warning: contains flashing images]