ABSENT FRIENDS: The Genuine Fakes

In 2010 Real Gone gave coverage to a debut album by Swedish power pop sensations, The Genuine Fakes.   Like most sites, we found the album – although not perfect – had lots of lovable material and the band’s commercial potential was pretty big.

We heard little from them after that.  Kool Kat Records issued a hard copy of ‘The Striped Album‘ (previously only a download) and included a bonus disc.  Real Gone included a non-album track on our first full length sampler in December 2011.  …And then nothing.

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AHC Shoot EPUS hardcore/industrial metal outfit American Head Charge made a few waves with their 2001 album ‘The War of Art’, released on the American Records label [original home to The Beastie Boys and Black Crowes, sometime home to the legendary Johnny Cash and metal titans Slayer].  It’s opening barrage of tunes hit like a concrete hammer, while the shouty, uncompromising and scratchy vocals from Cameron Heacock bore a resemblance to Sick of it All’s Lou Koller (circa 1998).  A great combination of tough musicianship and hard-hitting material proved a winning combination…and then the band disappeared for four years.  Perhaps this was a little longer than they should have been away, since by the arrival of 2004’s ‘The Feeding’, the band were reported suffering from internal problems.  Not long after, they were missing, presumed gone forever.

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Frank Turner: Radio 1 Live Lounge

As part of the ongoing promotion for his 2013 release ‘Tape Deck Heart’, singer/songwriter Frank Turner made an appearance on Radio 1’s prestigious Live Lounge on June 13th.

His two song set included his upcoming single ‘The Way I Tend To Be’ and a cover of the Foo Fighters classic ‘All My Life’. Both songs can be viewed in the embedded clips below.

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