Welcome back to the Real Gone Singles Bar, the place where we explore some of the more interesting mp3s and individual tunes that’ve landed in our inbox over the previous few weeks. In proper Singles Bar tradition, this week’s column covers a lot of musical ground by taking in country and a couple of singer songwriters alongside some extreme metal. There’s even time to introduce a new rock band. It’s unlikely that everything here will appeal to everyone, but as always, we hope you find something new to enjoy.


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BROKEN LUNGS – Love Is Temporary And So Are We

On this follow up to ‘The Price of Decadence’, Broken Lungs aren’t thinking small. Their ‘Love Is Temporary And So Are We’ EP kicks off with a devastatingly heavy chord, followed by another, underscored by a fierce bass rattle courtesy of Alex Dewhurst. It’s a relatively simple musical device that’s guaranteed to jolt the listener, but whether you’re already a fan or approaching these Brummie hardcore merchants for the first time, they immediately have your attention.

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PROGOCTOPUS – Transcendence EP

progoctopusProgoctopus pull no punches on their self-released debut EP, ‘Transcendence’. By shamelessly including the word “prog” in their odd choice of band name, they instantly guarantee those listeners who come out in hives at the mere thought of Yes or Enchant or Dream Theater aren’t going to trouble them. This ensures the curious ears now left behind have a fair chance of loving their mix of classic prog rock, folk-rock and complex prog metal workouts right from first hearing.

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