ALLFATHER – And All Will Be Desolation

In 2016, Allfather unleashed ‘Bless The Earth With Fire’, a hulking brute of an album that valued riffs over chorus hooks, resulting in a record that presented the very best in sludge metal recorded on a DIY budget. Extensive gigging followed, including bills shared with the mighty Morag Tong. Over the next eighteen months, the Kentish band drove big riffs into peoples’ skulls from small stages whilst simultaneously teasing about working on new studio material.

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Check out new music from Allfather

Sludge metal fiends Allfather are set to release a new album on September 8th 2018.  ‘And All Will Be Desolation’ is the Kentish band’s first full length release since 2016’s ‘Bless The Earth With Fire’.

If you can’t wait until then, you can get a taste of the new record from their new digital single ‘Black Triangle’.

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ALLFATHER – Bless The Earth With Fire

Formed in 2014, Allfather came together over a shared interest of “vikings, anti-fascism and crisps”. It’s good to know the band have a sense of humour, because their 2016 release ‘Bless The Earth With Fire’ is not one to be taken lightly. Its six songs – if, indeed, they can be called songs, rather than an extended collection of devastating riffs – are heavy, dense and sludgy in equal measure. In short, if you’re a total riff junkie and value the weight and presence of a riff over almost everything else, you’ve come to the right place.

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