Check out new music from Allfather

Sludge metal fiends Allfather are set to release a new album on September 8th 2018.  ‘And All Will Be Desolation’ is the Kentish band’s first full length release since 2016’s ‘Bless The Earth With Fire’.

If you can’t wait until then, you can get a taste of the new record from their new digital single ‘Black Triangle’.

The new single is suitably heavy as you’d expect, but has more of a crunch and bit less sludge compared with previous recordings.  Following a lengthy intro, the band explode into a massive groove that’s one part Sleep, three parts Morag Tong and two parts Lamb of God.  It’s even possible in a couple of places to hear frontman trading in his usual growl for a confrontational blast of vocal noise that takes cues from Randy Blythe’s best moments.

…And if the groove metal elements don’t quite do it for you, the six minute tour-de-force takes in slow and doomy detours that should appeal to many a sludge seeker.  In short, it’s a brave and varied six minutes – the sound of a band in a period of growth whilst simultaneously holding on to the heaviness that’s always been their trademark.

Take a listen below.