Legendary Springsteen ‘No Nukes’ film to be released for the first time in November

A 90 minute running time might seem short for one his live shows compared to the regular standard that’s been set by Bruce Springsteen over the years, but for the 1979 ‘No Nukes’ concert, performed at Madison Square Garden in front of a packed house, it’s very much a case of quality over quantity.

Although it has spent many years on the shelf, the show is an important one, in that it showcases the classic line-up of the E Street Band at the peak of their powers, somewhere between the well documented ‘Darkness’ shows and the release of the well-loved double LP ‘The River’.

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Vincent Carr returns with upbeat new track

Back in November 2019, Vincent Carr’s SUMIC released ‘New Paeans’, a complex album blending folk, prog, a touch of world music and a love of Mike Oldfield’s grandness. It was one of the year’s best DIY releases. It was certainly one that 90% of the internet’s prog community would have missed, being busy as they were, whining about the current line up of Yes.

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Check out the new video from Olympic Bingo

Olympic Bingo’s ‘Aloof’ album is an underground gem.  For lovers of retro sounds with a jazz and electronica vibe, it could turn out to be one of those rare finds.  There’s plenty within its stand out track ‘Things To Do Today’, for example,  that has the ability to cast the listener back a couple of decades…and sometimes farther still.

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