Watch: New video for Set Feux’s ‘Let Them Stare’

Set Frux released their self titled debut album on April 19th. The record’s blend of pop, light electronica, indie and dream pop creates a hazy listen, which is perfectly suited to a soundtrack of escapism. Diana Planche’s sense of melody is strong throughout, and although the band’s arrangements often have a retro quality, their songs play brilliantly in the present.

As part of the record’s ongoing promotion, Set Feux have created a video for one of the album’s stand out cuts, ‘Let Them Stare’.

‘Let Them Stare’ applies light keys to a groove laden bassline, under which, a very busy programmed rhythm applies a light dance-oriented beat. Not that you could ever dance to the result. The pulsing electro pop jostles around without a really obvious central groove; it’s like a piece of Ibiza chill out that’s been super-kitsched by Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley. For those able to find an easy way into this mix of 90s electronica and strange 70s pop, it’ll be an album highlight. For those who are less enamoured by such knowingly retro sounds, it’ll just sound like a strange throwback. Overall, it’s a great signifier of the album as a whole; a superb entry point for those who’ve yet to take the plunge into the full release.

Watch the full video clip below. You can also read a full review of the album here.