Watch the new video from Bring The Hoax

Swedish power pop/rock band Bring The Hoax are set to release their debut EP at the end of October 2022. As part of the promotion for the anticipated release, they’ve just issued ‘Jonestown’ as a single along with a very natural video clip, which you can see below.

Despite being promoted as having an early Weezer influence, there’s something at the heart of Bring The Hoax that are more melodic than that. There’s even something even older from a musical standpoint, since the strident guitar parts occasionally recall bits of Psychedelic Furs, while the soaring chorus vocals owe more to an even more classic rock stance.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s the kind of track that really captures the essence of a rock band who are big on choruses, and even bigger on power pop riffs. It’s also the kind of song that sticks; the first listens suggest an okay listen, but in time, it’s soaring chorus line and ringing guitars win through, evoking a classic sound and sharing the promise of a band with a lot more to give. To liken them to Weezer – a band who burnt out after their debut and have disappointed fans more than thrilled – is to sell them short.

‘Jonestown’ is available on streaming services now. The Bring The Hoax EP will be released on Lovely Records, October 28th.