Check out the current single from Carrion Vael

On August 12th, American tech/death metal band released their second album ‘Abhorrent Obsessions’, which quickly became a hit with their cult fanbase.  As part of the promotion for the album, they’ve released ‘Tithes of Forbearance’ as a digital single, along with an animated lyric video clip, which can be seen below.

A good example of how this second album is a huge step forward from the first, ‘Tithes…’ captures several crushing riffs, delivered with a hefty dose of pneumatic rhythms, but also finds enough space, relatively speaking, for several huge metal riffs conveying more of a melodic core. Although the result still centres around some well executed extreme metal – something reinforced by a selection of deep growls and scratchy vocals – fans of the style should also be able to hear a few links with early In Flames and Soilwork tunes, resulting in some brutal yet progressive metal sounds.