Watch: Flickertail cover David Bowie classic in new video clip

Formerly The Bitter Sweethearts, the Aussie/Irish rock band Flickertail first appeared under their rebranded moniker in 2018. Their debut EP, ‘Hurry Up & Wait’ was loaded with classic rock riffs and very strong vocal performances, promising even bigger things to come.

Things then seemed to go strangely quiet and only a couple of digital singles crept out over the following year before the band decided to go on an extended break.

There’s some good news for those who’ve missed Flickertail over the past couple of years: ‘Afterlife’, a collection of unreleased recordings, is set for release in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, you can check out their live in the studio clip of ‘Heroes’ below.  It’s been rather fashionable to cover Bowie songs since the great man’s passing in 2016, but Flickertail do the classic track justice. By cranking the riffs, the artier elements are perhaps a little more subdued, but the track appears to take on a different kind of confidence when performed with a classic rock crunch. The vocals, too, are large and assured, acting as a definite reminder of their EP’s best tracks, despite the original source material being quite far removed from their own style.