The Shang Hi-Los return with ‘Plymouth Rock’

A new power pop sensation, The Shang Hi-Los, emerged at the end of 2020. Their debut EP, ‘Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit’, served up five tracks of guitar driven, bubblegum inflected fun, big on harmonies and bigger on hooks. If their talents were under any doubt, a spirited cover of Chicago’s ‘Saturday In The Park’ which stoked up the guitars without losing any of the original’s 70s pop flair showed how versatile this new, all star band could be.

With guitarist/vocalist Dan Kopko returning to full time duties with Watts a short time later and also launching another new project, The Peppermint Kicks, there were no guarantees anyone would hear from The Shang Hi-Los again any time soon.  However, they’ve just shared a surprise new single, just in time for Thanksgiving (or new music to warm up those Autumnal nights for their UK fans).

‘Plymouth Rock’ is everything you’d hope for and more. From the opening burst of handclaps and semi-punky guitar riff, the band draws heavily from the Class of ’79, throwing their listeners back to a skinny tie past with a genuine force, even before the vocal arrives. When the vocal finds its place, Jen D’Angora sounds bigger and better than before, delivering huge syllables with a very distinctive curl.  As the track progresses, it’s compliment of ringing guitar work and massive melodies cements the band’s place among the best of the newer bands, and between a very retro guitar solo and muscular bass work (courtesy of The Neighborhoods’ Lee Harrington) helping to push everything ever forward, it’s a definite feel-good hit.  By the time you’ve reached that crucial make or break third play, D’Angora’s vocal hook is pretty much guaranteed to make an indelible impression.

Between this track and the prior EP, The Shang Hi Los are one of the best things to emerge from a still unbalanced world.  Crank the volume and take a listen to the new track below.