Blue Carpet Band present ‘B Movie Boogie’ and NSFW video

Featuring members of Demented Are Go!, Blue Carpet Band serve up some ferocious rockabilly noise on their new singe ‘B Movie Boogie’.  With it’s accompanying video including suitably trashy b-movie elements (inspired by ‘Demons’ and ‘Evil Dead 2’) and performance footage from the band themselves, it’s a perfect snapshot into their horror themed world.

All the visuals in the world mean nothing if the music isn’t up to snuff, of course, and this track really doesn’t disappoint. Loaded with speed driven walking basslines, a hefty twang and thundering rhythms, it’s an instant retro classic, and its booming vocal – somewhere near the melodic end of the Misfits’ best work – is the perfect fit.  None of this will persuade those who’ve never really been taken with the horror rock end of the rockabilly/psychobilly canon, but that’s beside the point.  This is a great single that constantly wavers between fun and cartoonish threat and shows how the genre is pretty much timeless.