Listen: Death On Fire release a new cover of Type O Negative’s ‘World Coming Down’

Barely any time has passed since US doom metal band Death On Fire released their ‘Six Foot Box’ EP, but the Fort Wayne riff makers are back with a new treat.  Tapping into their slower, moodier side, they’ve unleashed a cover of Type O Negative’s ‘World Coming Down’.

The title cut from an underrated Type O album, Death On Fire’s recreation of the epic is a reminder of how Brooklyn’s finest gothic metal sons remain a much missed band. Moving between the opening heavy chords – given a slightly rougher send off – and through quieter, moody gothic passages, the arrangement more than shows off DOF’s all round scope. The way they twist the main riff into something that sounds even more like it could drop into Black Sabbath’s monolithic title song at any second is inspired, and although the rougher, metallic vocals never quite summon the same demonic brilliance of the late Peter Steele, their angrier feel lends the track a different kind of attitude. By the time the band actually reaches the number’s third movement, Death On Fire’s abilities to introduce quiet, atmospheric subtleties is without question before, finally, absolutely nailing a huge gothic riff that’s unmistakably the work of Type O Negative and proof enough that their work has a timeless appeal.

Take a listen below.

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