Watch the new video from Scattered Hamlet

They may not be the biggest name on the rock scene, but Scattered Hamlet have been making some very chunky (and very retro) sounds for a decade.  The US band mix classic hard rock, swampy attitude and big hooks to create something that sounds occasionally like a blend of the lighter end of Zakk Wylde meeting with the more melodic strains of Corrosion of Conformity or, perhaps, a throwback to the days of Roadsaw colliding with a classic rock sound.

Whatever your take on it, they occupy a world where the riff is king, and their newest offering is no exception. Armed with a gravel-edged vocal and a huge swagger, ‘All Talk’ serves up a relatively simple hook but does it with maximum attitude which, coupled with a really fun video, deserves to draw in a lot of new fans.

Check out the new clip below.

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