Check out the new video from Ha Ha Ha

Blending power pop with gentle satire, Irish band Ha Ha Ha pay a backhanded tribute to The Queen on their current single ‘The Betty Windsor Show’ and couple their whimsical thoughts with a fun new video clip.

The track at first suggests a love of Squeeze with a jangling guitar and obvious power pop vibe, but quickly twists once an almost spoken word vocal helps it to take on something of a greater novelty. Driven by a strong Irish accent and chiming guitars, it’s very much a product of its own geography, but that only helps to make it stand out among a raft of other adult pop. With a big chorus and everything delivered with a very knowing wink, it’s the kind of track that audiences will love or hate, but the band’s fun approach to their work more than shines through in the video.  Whatever your take, it’s certain that ‘The Betty Windsor Show’ is one of the most unexpected things looking to soundtrack your summer.