Check out the new video from FRND CRCL

New Jersey’s FRND CRCL have been slowly making a name for themselves over the past couple of years, but their new single, ‘Complications’ is strong enough to bring them much wider attention. ‘Complications’ is a straight up slab of pop punk that calls back to the genre’s glory days of the late 90s/early 00s and takes cues from some of the greats.

Flaunting a melodic vocal throughout and hitting listeners with an absolutely killer chorus, ‘Complications’ has strong call backs to early Sum 41 and the best bits of New Found Glory (without the vocal filters). Forget those two Weezer albums from 2021, this track should certainly supply part of the backbone of your summer soundtrack.

Of the new video, the band had the following to say: “The “Complications” music video was a lot of fun to make. The entire video was filmed in an industrial sized blueberry refrigerator and yes, it was freezing! Our video director, Kurt (Sirius Cinema) had built this big blue wall for us. This thing was pretty massive considering it was built in only a few hours. We were able to film nearly all of the shots in front of it and it made the video/artwork aesthetically pleasing across the board!

The concept of the video was pretty simple: Let’s literally “run into complications” and have our gear stolen out from under us in the middle of playing the song! We knew from the beginning that we wanted to include security camera footage in the “heist.” And we were able to pull it off by using a pretty big vertical camera mount. We used that in various locations across this huge warehouse like refrigerator. Our drummer, Aaron, actually had to help Kurt by holding his phone screen so that he could see the broadcast of where the camera was aiming.

At the end of the day, we were cold, tired, and probably hungry.. but it was definitely worth every minute and we think it’s our best video to date! We’d like to thank Kurt for all of his hard work and also to our beautiful actresses (Erin, Kenia, and Kenyia) for helping us make the vision a reality!

Watch the full clip below.