Check out the new video from Ammo

Upon release last month, the debut single from alternative singer songwriter Ammo gained a lot of positive press from alternative and indie-centric music blogs. …And rightly so, as her new track really taps into some classic and very retro dream pop sounds.

‘Rose + Crown’s shamelessly ethereal qualities have a lot in common with the darker side of the Cocteau Twins and there’s also a heavy leaning towards the other-worldly floaty vibes from Julee Cruise that caught audiences unawares back in the early 90s. Moreover, Ammo is able to take these dream pop and hazy moods and shape them into something a little more modern with faint echoes of Hilary Woods and their own take on a trippy sound accentuated by a greater use of multi-tracked voices, reverb and bass. It promises so much in the future for lovers of the style.

Check out the track and the new video below.