Mordred return with new track ‘Demonic #7’

In the summer of 2020, thrash/rap metal/crossover legends made their long overdue return with the ‘Violition’ EP.  The band’s first new studio release since 1992, at least two of it’s songs were “classic” Mordred, heavy on the riffs, but even bigger on the grooves.

Their new track ‘Demonic #7’ has many elements that seem like a natural successor to that EP.  The opening thrash based riffs come screaming out of the genre’s heyday of 1990 and the general crunch reminds listeners of how Mordred were – and still are – more than capable of a sound that absolutely crushes.  Vocally, it’s a different story, with a heavily affected delivery and deep sound presenting something more of an acquired taste.  It doesn’t completely dominate, of course, and the riff alone should be enough for fans to celebrate the band’s next dose of new material.

Take a listen below.