Watch the new video from Atomic Bronco

Although the name Atomic Bronco may not be familiar to you, the band creates the kind of sound you think you’ve known for years.  Their current single ‘Cruel’ blends acoustic guitars with a light power pop sound, creating the perfect backdrop for a natural vocal.  …And then, once you’ve become used to a sound that falls somewhere between the work of Brendan Benson and the vastly underrated Gus Black, the chorus hits with a barrage of fuzz, to drive home that ultimate 90s nostalgia hit.

Always straddling that mix of power pop and melodic alternative, without obviously resorting to much to the now cliched Pixies-esque quietLOUDquiet,’Cruel’ is a brilliantly catchy piece of fuzzy indie rock which bodes well for the band’s ‘Spectrum’ EP, which gets a full release on June 1st.

Watch the video clip below.