Watch the new video from Hooveriii

Hooveriii (pronounced Hoover 3) are gearing up for the release of their new album ‘Water For The Frogs’. Due for release on April 9th, the new album finds the six person band going deep into guitar driven grooves and heavy psych rock. Taking Bowie’s Berlin trilogy and old Krautrock for influences, the band’s current material sounds both retro and current. There’s a fuzziness to the riffs that could draw in fans of the noisiest end of the indie spectrum, while working a core sound that manages to be experimental yet still strikingly accessible.

Ahead of the new album’s release, the band have shared a new sci-fi themed video clip for ‘Erasure’, a riff heavy number that bristles with an old fashioned energy. Visually, the video clip makes Blake’s 7 look like a Universal Studios epic, but there’s something about the no frills visuals that suits the classic riff. You can check out the new video clip below.

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