Black Pistol Fire share new video for ‘Look Alive’

At the beginning of 2021, Black Pistol Fire released their sixth album ‘Look Alive’. A hugely welcome return for the garage/blues rock duo, it was their most commercial recording to date with a fuller sound drawing more influence from The Black Keys than their previous Jack White obsessions.

Despite the commercial leap, it was packed with great songs – not least of all the title track. ‘Look Alive’ now comes with a huge new video clip – a mini-movie of sorts, where visuals of night driving and the uncertainty of what may be around the corner are a perfect fit to the distorted vocals and indie-blues riffs. For those who’ve not yet checked out the new LP, this track gives an excellent idea of what to expect, with a very Black Keys/Arctic Monkeys vibe running beneath the more mature sounding elements of BPF in full flow.

It’s time to turn down the lights and crank the volume…

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