Listen to ‘Retinal Deprivation’, a new track from Eye of The Destroyer

In an era where digital singles and playlists have gained as much traction as full albums, American death metal band Eye of The Destroyer have promised “new music once a month for the foreseeable future.” This could be a good move for the band, since at a time when gigs are still off the table, it keeps them out there in the minds of underground metal fans.

Their new track for March, ‘Retinal Deprivation’, deals with the harsh realities of self-reflection. According to the band – and rightly so – this is a theme that’s now more relevant than ever, since the Covid-19 pandemic and various lockdowns have given us all ample time to reach inside ourselves and question almost everything. For those less concerned by lyrics, the new digital single wastes no time in delivering a barrage of classic, extreme riffs, with the band often channelling a late 90s death metal sound tempered with faint hardcore edges. In short, it’s an absolute juggernaut of metal, pretty much guaranteed to strike a chord with fans of the style.

Take a listen below. [You can also visit the band on Facebook here: