Check out the new Indonesian Junk track with Kurt Baker!

At the tail end of a troubled 2020, Milwaukee garage rockers Indonesian Junk returned with a brand new single ‘Type of A Girl’.  Musically more melodic than most of the band’s previous works, it tapped into a fantastically retro sound that shared a huge love for New York Dolls.

Their follow up single ‘One More Try’ continues a melodic streak with some massive power pop riffs dressed in street tough clothes. Daniel’s lead vocal edges ever closer to sounding like a mid 80s Joey Ramone throughout and for an extra dose of cool, they’ve called on the legendary Kurt Baker to help out on second vocal.  Dan and Kurt’s voices aren’t exactly what you’d call an easy or natural match, but the track has such a great spirit, you can tell they had a great time recording…and as far as three minute belters go, it promises very well for the new album (‘Living In A Nightmare’ arrives on March 19th 2021).

The single can be streamed below. A further advance track from the new LP can be found on the free record label sampler here.