Stream the new single from Indonesian Junk

Having cleaned out their closet with the ‘Life of Crimes’ compilation, Indonesian Junk are now ready to move forward with the next phase of their career.  Having expanded from a trio to a quartet, Milwaukee’s favourite trashy rock band now sound bigger than ever.

Their new single ‘Type of Girl’ makes a much bigger feature of their retro guitar riffs than ever on a track that evokes a deep cut from the New York Dolls LP ‘Too Much Too Soon’.  The dirty sound comes straight from the proto-punk scene of ’75; it’s volume owes everything to The Dictators, but somewhere buried deep there’s a nugget of Cheap Trick waiting to be discovered.  As is often the case, Daniel James’s wilfully sloppy vocal style will be a stumbling block for some, but there’s just something about this number’s hugely retro style that’s determined to stick.

Check it out below.