Grab a free download from Beebe Gallini

Beebe Gallini might be a new name for 2020, but a couple of the band members are old faces on the underground rock scene.  Both Miss Georgia Peach (vox/rhythm guitar) and Travis Ramin (lead guitar/drums) also make up the core of Minneapolis garage rock band The Short Fuses, but in many ways, this side project – created during the 2020 lockdown – is far more than an extension of their work with that band.  In fact, if first impressions are anything to go by, Beebe Gallini are far broader in appeal.

Trading in The Short Fuses’ trashier aspects for some good old fashioned power pop, Beebe’s first single offers some massive, 70s derived riffs.  They’re the kind of riffs that’ll have you hankering after those old Artful Dodger albums again, and once Georgia hits you with her distinctive voice – always carrying that slight warble you’ve come to love – everything about this track will start to feel like something you’ve always known.  It’s retro charms scream familiarity, and with a punchy end mix supplied by the legendary Geza X, this begins to sound like a power pop classic in record time.  It isn’t perfect; along the way, you’ll discover the odd wobbly note and the very natural production never gives this the shiny send off it really deserves, but its a performance with a huge heart.  …And sometimes that’ll all you need for that feel-good hit.

…And it’s FREE.  Grab your download via the Bandcamp link below.

[The Short Fuses album ‘Dawn of The Deaf’ is also available from the Rum Bar Records Bandcamp page.]