Aussie rockers Hoodoo Gurus ‘Get Out of Dodge’ on brilliant new single

In July 2020, Australian band Hoodoo Gurus gave fans their first taste of new material with the single ‘Hung Out To Dry’.  They’ve now shared another track from their forthcoming album (scheduled for release in 2021).

‘Get Out of Dodge’ is an insanely catchy piece of power pop, big on chiming guitar riffs and even bigger on chorus harmonies.  For this instant classic the band have enlisted the help of musical friends Vicki Peterson (Bangles) and John Cowsill (The Cowsills/Beach Boys) who add extra layers to a truly massive hook.  With an easily lovable melody steered by Dave Faulkner’s distinctive Aussie vocal twang, it’s not only the kind of track that long-time fans will love, but it also has potential to catch a few new ears along the way.

You can watch the new video below.