Check out the new video from The Shang Hi Los

New for 2020, The Shang Hi Los brings together the talents of Jen D’Angora (Jen & The Delinquents), Dan Kopko (Watts) and Lee Harrington (The Neighbourhoods).

The band champion huge sing-along choruses, old 60s guitar riffs and the punch of good old 80s power pop and blend those together to create truly infectious retro pop on their debut single ‘Sway Little Player’.

Although the track starts a little shakily with a loud drum and hard guitar strum, it soon finds its feet with some great vocals and even stronger harmonies.  By the time that chorus hits, it sounds like one of the feel-good tracks of the year…and something you’ve always known.

The digital single is released via Rum Bar Records on October 2nd, but you can get an earlier taste of the Shang Hi Los right now!  Check out their new retro look video below.