Watch: Motörhead – Live @ Rock Am Ring 2004

Throughout their forty year career, Motörhead became renowned for their no nonsense live shows.  There are a vast amount of official live recordings in circulation, with the 1979-80 period especially well served on CD and various later period shows on DVD (including the excellent ‘Everything Louder Than Everything Else’, a show capturing Lemmy & chums promoting the excellent ‘1916’ album.

There are still a lot of shows that were officially recorded that have yet to have a proper release.  One of which is this short but rock solid show from the Rock Am Ring Festival in Germany.

At the time of this show in June 2004, Motörhead’s seventeenth studio album ‘Inferno’ was just days away from release.  Some bands would use the opportunity in front of such a massive crowd to play something new, but not Lemmy.  He knew what people wanted and the day’s fifty minute setlist is a joy.  On a particularly sunny afternoon, fans are given a selection of genuine classics alongside a couple of callbacks to the underrated ‘We Are Motörhead’ and even something from ‘Overnight Sensation’.

Of course, when it comes to any Motörhead live show, you have a pre-conceived idea of what to expect.  This is no exception.  It’s time to crank the volume and wonder at that bass sound!

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