Sun On The Edge Of Time: A Real Gone 2019 Playlist

It’s long been a tradition at Real Gone that we bring you an easily digestible reminder of some of the year’s best new music as December starts to draw to a close. This year, we’ve got some great stuff to share with you – it’s probably our most varied selection yet!

Last year saw the old downloadable sampler format was put to rest in favour of a handy stream. As sad as it seems, people just weren’t making the effort to click buttons to download free music, so we had to move with the times. With apologies to those who don’t buy into the streaming thing or Spotify; we’re sorry if this set-up excludes you, but it was a necessary move.

This year’s playlist includes selections from most of the bands from our end of year best and a few more besides. If you’re a regular visitor to RG, most of the names will be familiar. If not, we hope this provides the perfect introduction to Big River, Yard Arms, Cheap Gunslingers and more. Happy listening!