Watch: My Life Story – Broken

Recording a new album after almost twenty years could’ve been a daunting prospect, but for Jake Shillingford, it seemed to be a very natural thing.  My Life Story’s big comeback ‘World Citizen’ has gained rave reviews from most of the people who’ve heard it.

…And rightly so.  It’s one of the best albums of 2019.  Mature but fun, catchy yet thoughtful, it’s a record that manages to capture many things, but still sound great whatever the listener’s mood.

For those who’ve still not had the pleasure, there’s no better place to dive in than with current single, ‘Broken’.  A radio friendly jangler, it revisits some of the band’s pop charm from the 90s, but also carries a sound that really wouldn’t sound out of place on Absolute Radio or BBC Radio 2 in the present.   The accompanying video – heavy on a retro wallpaper theme – finds Jake in a rather frivolous mood…

The full clip can be enjoyed below.  A full review of ‘World Citizen’ can be found here.