Listen: Stella Angelika shares new single ‘Denouement’

There have only been a few tracks released by London based singer-songwriter Stella Angelika since 2017, but each one has shown a different side to the artist, suggesting a somewhat restless spirit.

Her 2017 single ‘Sleep’ saw her working in a jazz format on a laid back track that very much focused on her voice. 2018’s ‘I Got You’ moved into contemporary pop territory, taking a soulful sound and boosting it with a sunny, upbeat melody. Her current single ‘Denouement’ shows a further musical shift.

On this track, she takes her soul drenched vocal style and applies it to deep electronica, resulting in a number that fuses R&B, pop and trip hop beats in a slow burning affair that moves from deep beats into quiet reflection and finally various multi-tracked unaccompanied vocals.

It presents an interesting four minutes for the maturer and more adventurous pop fan. You can take a listen below.