KOLARS + Smoke Season: Jam In The Van 2017

In July 2017, Los Angeles retro rock duo KOLARS visited Ramsgate Music Hall for the second time.  Expected to be a good night, the sweaty and intimate atmosphere resulted in a night that the audience would never forget.  The night was made even better by the presence of Smoke Season in support.

Although Smoke Season don’t have much in common with KOLARS, their brand of electronic pop proved particularly enthralling.  Backed with the kind of sophisticated pop made by Alice & The Glass Lake with flourishes of electronica and dream pop, Gabby Bianco showed real star quality and – much like the KOLARS set, it was hard to imagine such a performance translating quite as well in a bigger venue.

Neither band has a particularly big UK following so small gigs such as this have been vital in spreading the word.

For those not lucky enough to catch the tour, there is some consolation in that both bands have a reasonable amount of video footage spread around the web. Although not fired by the excitement of a crowd, it’s perhaps the Jam In The Van webcast that managed to get across the band’s personalities and strength of material the most effectively.

Whether you’re a fan or have yet to have the pleasure, we invite you to check out the Jam In The Van sets below.  Hopefully in doing so, you’ll discover at least one new favourite band.

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