The REAL GONE ARCHIVES, Vol. 1 (2009-2014)

On 16th November 2015, Real Gone celebrates its 6th birthday.  In some ways, it’s not an important anniversary – it has none of the milsetone charm of a fifth anniversary, or reaching a decade of creativity – but on the other hand, every year Real Gone exists it’s a milestone, nonetheless.  People are still reading; bands are still hitting us up for review and we’re still attempting to open people’s ears to a world of cult music.

To celebrate our sixth year, we’ve put together a playlist highlighting some our favourites from the first five, which Spotify users can stream using the link below.  Yes, we use Spotify; it’s a useful tool in helping us with reviews from time to time, but we also recognise that it represents big business over fairness and they need to give the artists a bigger slice of the financial pie.    Whatever, there are approximately four hours worth of bands and music to explored…and we hope you like what you hear and discover something new.   If you can, please leave us a comment about what you’ve enjoyed.

Here’s to the next year and beyond!  Thanks for sticking with us.