The first Genesis poll results + video gallery

Genesis were an essential part of the 70s prog scene.  Along with Pink Floyd and King Crimson, their early catalogue is a complex one that, decades after its original release, just keeps giving.  Their albums released between 1969-76, covering their most progressive tendencies are albums whereby it’s almost possible to hear something new, some subtle touch lurking in the back of complex arrangements, whenever listening – the bits that really strike chord changing, dependent on mood and surroundings.

Real Gone conducted a poll among a smallish group of fans.  Things were discussed online; votes were cast.  The big results were hardly surprising, with the epics ‘Supper’s Ready’, ‘Firth of Fifth’ and ‘The Cinema Show’ gaining hearty support and fan favourites such as ‘Blood On The Rooftops’ showing a solid fanbase.   More surprising, certainly, were the amount of songs from the band’s largely ignored debut ‘From Genesis To Revelation’ that gained votes.  In fact, only three songs featured on albums within our chosen timeframe escaped unloved…   You can view the full results here.

Below is a video gallery of the heavy hitters, taken from various live performances between 1973-77 ‘Blood on the Rooftops’ is represented by the original studio recording.  Warning: includes lengthy arrangements, indulgence, mellotron and Peter Gabriel wearing a foxes head.