Breaking Horses and Other Stories (A Real Gone Sampler 2012)

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to celebrate some of 2012’s best DIY/cult music with another Real Gone freebie.  For your pleasure – presenting ‘Breaking Horses’, an ABSOLUTELY FREE downloadable 15 track sampler including some of the music we’ve enjoyed this year, music from bands who really deserve your attention.

It was scheduled to be an 18 track download, but a few things changed along the way and three bands didn’t make the cut.  One didn’t actually submit a usable mp3 on time, while the other two omissions are somewhat more complicated. One band was incredibly keen, but told us to have a word with their media guy who then didn’t even send out a courtesy reply (time to find out what your PR guys are actually doing for you, guys…); the other sadly missing band said it sounded great…but then said we had to run it past their manager. Their manager wheeled out a bunch of terms and conditions and, let’s just say, it wasn’t worth the effort.  Their loss.

Various bands happily agreed to give a tiny piece of their work towards the second RG sampler – and you’ll be glad they did.

Real Gone would like to thank all the bands present, their PR teams and everyone else who helped make this possible with the minimum of fuss.   Huge thanks go out to Mike Viola who kindly agreed to let us use a non-album track and especially to David Myhr who contributes a previously unheard version of one of his songs recorded at the legendary Abbey Road.  Thanks also to Andrew at Lojinx for acting as go-between and making this possible.

BREAKING HORSES and OTHER STORIES (A Real Gone Sampler 2012)

This download has now been taken down.  Should you still wish to download it, please email us via the contact section on this website and we’ll send you a zip file of the contents.

Tracks included:
01 BEAR MAKES NINJA – Fruit Can’t Fly
02 RUBY THE HATCHET – Black Tongue
03 MIKE VIOLA – Chemical Night *
04 WOT GORILLA? – Melted Welly
05 A VITAL MESSAGE – It’s Legal If It’s On Camera
07 DEAD WOLF CLUB – Colossus
09 MICK TERRY – River Bend (w/Rosalie Deighton) **
10 DAVID MYHR – Never Mine (Abbey Road Version) **
11 ANIMAL PARTS – A Dream Where I Break Horses
12 THE DEAD EXS – If You Got The Time…
13 POST WAR GLAMOUR GIRLS – She Will Always Be My Anchor
14 JUSTIN KLINE – Your Mystery

*non-album track
**previously unreleased

DISCLAIMER:  This music is given freely on the understanding that it is downloaded from this zip file as a complete sampler which once downloaded, is for your personal enjoyment only.  Real Gone is not responsible for people taking these tracks and uploading them individually elsewhere.