DEF LEPPARD: Pro-shot footage of intimate club set and Q&A

Whether long or short, Def Leppard’s live sets are often spot on. Their last London show in 2011 was no exception, as armed only with a video screen, great songs and no gimmicks, the Leps had the near impossible task of following Motley Crue’s larger than life show, which came complete with pyros, a revolving drum kit and a truck-load of attitude.

For those at that particular show, it seemed the attitude which fuelled the Motley Crue set was not just confined to the the stage. From REAL GONE’s position, we’d witnessed a drunk man making a nuisance of himself throughout the Crue set, which actually led to another audience member grabbing him around the throat and then punching him square in the face, leading to bloodloss! The Def Leppard fans were, in contrast, as genial as the band themselves.

On Wednesday June 6th, 2012, Def Leppard took a step back from the large venues and played a short set in front of an intimate crowd at Hollywood’s House of Blues. The seven song, 25 minute set was followed with a half-hour Q&A session, which can also be seen below.

As a bonus, the bottom embedded link contains 90 minutes from Def Leppard’s huge homecoming show at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, 1992.

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