Soulfly: album title, release date and tracklist revealed

Brazilian/US metal band Soulfly have revealed the details regarding their upcoming studio record.

The band’s eighth album is to be entitled ‘Enslaved’ and will be released on March 13th via Roadrunner Records.

According to previous reports, the new material – the first to feature David Kinkade (ex-Malevolent Creation) on drums and ex-Static X bassist Tony Campos – sounds like ‘”Arise”-era Sepultura on crack and speed’.

The confirmed tracklist is as follows:
* Resistance
* World Scum
* Intervention
* Gladiator
* Legions
* American Steel
* Redemption Of Man By God
* Treachery
* Plata O Plomo
* Revengeance
* Chains
* Slave
* Bastards
* Soulfly VIII

(Three of the above tracks will only be available on the special edition)