NME once described Mats Wawa as having “monster riffs”. It’s clear that NME’s idea of monster riffs and actual monster riffs are two different animals. Kyuss they most certainly aren’t and the chosen title might actually be a tongue in cheek joke, but that doesn’t escape the fact that this 2018 EP from Mats Wawa has some enjoyable moments. Actually, “enjoyable moments” is pretty much an understatement, since three quarters of ‘Scuzz’ is superb.
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Take a trip to ‘Hawaii’ with Clilean shoegazers MAFF

They’ve been away for a while, but Chilean shoegaze sensations MAFF are back with a new EP ‘Melañiña’, which releases in April.

Before the full release, you can check out two of the new songs on Soundcloud, including the new digital single ‘Hawaii’, which absolutely destroys by a way of a heavy and pulsing bass, before the whole track explodes into a world of 90s distortion culling the very best from Catherine Wheel and My Bloody Valentine.

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ESPIONAGE – Wings Of Thunder EP

Melbourne’s Espionage don’t just fly the flag for old style heavy metal, they positively scream its praises from the Victoria rooftops with a shameless pride, not only as if the 90s never changed perspectives, but also as if Slayer had never actually existed. Hearing their second EP ‘Wings of Thunder’ for the first time, the traditional metal sounds are so rooted in the past, it’s even hard to tell whether it was recorded in 1984 (as is its core sound) or 2016 (as claimed in the sleeve notes). This, of course, isn’t necessarily a bad thing – especially considering that, even at such an early stage in their career, the Aussie rockers sound like masters of their craft.

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The Who “Live At Fillmore East 1968” to be released in April

The Who will release an archival live album on April 20th.

While 1969’s ‘Live At Leeds’ will always be the archetypal ‘Oo live release and ‘Live At The Isle of Wight 1970’ captures the band in their full blown pomp, the newly remastered and released ‘Live At Fillmore’ is an historically important record of the band in a live setting.

Not least of all because it documents the live shows for the classic ‘Who Sell Out’ LP, but also the tour represents the last time the band put on full shows without relying on the ‘Tommy’ rock opera as a centre piece, whether in full or in part.

The Fillmore shows on both 5th and 6th April were recorded with plans for a live LP, but subsequently shelved. 2018’s ‘Live At The Fillmore’ issues the April 6th performance in its entirety, culminating with a thirty three minute tour de force ‘My Generation’.

‘Live At The Fillmore’ will be released on double CD and triple vinyl. The full tracklisting for the 2CD set can be seen below. The 3LP set presents disc one across records one and two, with ‘My Generation’ split across both sides of record three.

CD 1
Summertime Blues 4.14
Fortune Teller 2.38
Tattoo 2.58
Little Billy 3.38
I Can’t Explain 2.28
Happy Jack 2.18
Relax 11.57
I’m A Boy 3.23
A Quick One 11.15
My Way 3.16
C’mon Everybody 1.55
Shakin’ All Over 6.55
Boris The Spider 2.32

CD 2
My Generation 33.02

THE DESERT – Playing Dead EP

Bristol’s The Desert mix low key elements of alternative music, with elements of mellow acoustic pop, dream pop and even a few trip hop beats on their debut EP. Their music looks to the past, obviously, but somehow doesn’t sound like a complete nostalgia trip. In just four songs, they weave musical magic that sound absolutely superb approached on cold and dark winter nights.

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