Hear The Grahams cover the Mazzy Star classic ‘Fade Into You’

Nashville’s The Grahams have a very busy 208 ahead.  In addition to a new studio album with Black Keys producer Richard Swift in charge of twiddling the knobs and extensive live appearances, the duo will also unveil a new documentary ‘Love & Distortion’, where The Grahams “explore the real America…on Route 66“.

The documentary will feature an all-star Nashville soundtrack, with contributions from Lilly Hiatt, Dylan LeBlanc and many more.  Most importantly, it will feature previously unreleased tracks by The Grahams themselves, in the form of two classic cover tunes.

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TC&I – Great Aspirations EP

When drummer Terry Chambers left XTC in the early eighties, gave up music and subsequently emigrated to Australia, few people expected him to ever return to the UK; fewer still expected him to return to the recording studio. Upon his return, he rekindled an old friendship with bassist Colin Moulding, who had since resigned from the inactive XTC in 2007 and was “not interested in making music any more”. It came as an even bigger surprise when XTC’s classic rhythm section unveiled an EP of new recordings towards the end of 2017, without so much as a word hinting that anything was genuinely afoot.

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Watch ‘Burning Bungalow’, a new video from T.E. Yates

Near the end of 2017, singer-songwriter T.E. Yates released his debut album ‘Silver Coins & White Feathers’.  The long-player was the dictionary definition of “mixed bag” and T.E. chose a vocal style that wasn’t always easy to appreciate, but that didn’t stop it being an interesting record.  In fact, there were some hidden gems.

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