Jennie Vee’s second solo EP ‘Die Alone’ was a masterpiece of retro cool. Taking elements from The Cranes, The Cure, Lush and early Echo & The Bunnymen, the release was a superb homage to everything that was brilliant about 4AD and electro-goth from the early 90s. [Read a review of the EP here.]

In the three years since that release, the one-time Tuuli frontwoman has been incredibly busy. She’s recorded a full length album, played with Courtney Love and supported Echo & The Bunnymen and Manic Street Preachers. Earlier in 2007, she also landed the job as bassist with Josh Homme’s Eagles of Death Metal.

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T.E. YATES – Silver Coins & White Feathers

You might never heard of T. E. Yates prior to the summer of 2017, but before the release of his debut full-length ‘Silver Coins & White Feathers’, the Manchester-based singer-songwriter spent years plying his trade on the underground scene, both as musician and poster artist. This record alone has roots stretching back several years and he pulls a huge selection of moods from his bag of old fashioned trickery to give these tunes an appropriate studio send off, ranging from thoughtful and maudlin, to the flippant. Occasionally, his work even has a sneering quality, as best heard on the album’s opening pairing.

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GARRETT HINSON – Nothing Is Destroyed

Taking the softer moods of Josh Rouse, the accessibility of ‘Gold’ era Ryan Adams and coupling that with narrative drive of Michael McDermott, Garrett Hinson hits upon a winning formula on his second full length album. ‘Nothing Is Destroyed’ serves up a selection of timeless tales and immensely appealing Americana sounds; it’s the kind of record you get halfway through and find yourself wondering why he’s not far better known.

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